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to get open office you can either use your current package manager to install it or download the latest version from

the first thing you will probably want to do once Open Office is installed is change the default file type it is saved as. to do this open openoffice writer.

change the default file type

1) click on tools 2) then choose options from the menu. 3) next expand load/save and click on general. 4) now make sure each of your document types have Microsoft word 97/2000/XP set for the always save as option. 5) Now click OK to save your settings.

Now you probably want to change your default document format. to change these settings they are all located in the format drop down list. I am just going to go over a few that I feel are the most important.

lets change your default margins to 1 inch and your default spacing to double spaced.

change the default margins and spacing

1) click format then page, then click the page tab. 2) Now change all of your margins to 1 inch. 3) click ok


4) now click format again and choose paragraph. 5) and under line spacing change it to double. 6) now click ok.

WE ARE NOT DONE YET. so far you have only made temporary changes they now have to be saved and set as your default.

now we are going to save it as the default page format.

7) click file then choose templates and then click save. 8) click my Templates on the left and enter my-new-template as the new template name and click ok


9) click file then choose templates and then click organise. 10) double click My Templates then right click on my-new-template and click set as default template. 11) Finally click close to close the window.

now you are done.